Brian Abelson – Guest DJ Set (12.23.19)

Brian Abelson’s soul is in a strip mall. Though he’s been based in New York for a over decade now, the music he produces as See Other channels the contradictions of his Southern Californian home – all smog-tinted sunsets, contaminated coastlines, and harshed mellows – the euphoric sounds of a failed utopia. His debut EP on Lobster Theremin, Linda, distills this palette into a refined mixture of lightly-sauteed grooves and tinkering wooden melodies that recall some of the finest work from the Drumpoet Community collective. A resident of legendary NYC institution, Bossa Nova Civic Club, he’s also helped showcase the city’s left-leaning house and techno scene, giving artists like Baltra and Yaeji their first headlining gigs.

Brian is currently focused on a new label,, which invites musicians to expand their visions through the collaborative development of experimental websites. Curated by artists and technologists in New York City, the collective creates experiences of meaning and specificity online, in opposition to the internet of platforms, templates, and streams.

      Brian Abelson - Guest DJ Set (12.23.19)