Boss Harmony – Punky Reggae Party (08.24.16)

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Punky Reggae Party broadcasts every 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month and features musical selections from the punk & post-punk period between 1977 – 1982 (although other era’s, sub-genres & pre-punk influences are often represented), as well as Jamaican music from the ska, rock steady & roots reggae era’s, respectively. Many of the British post-punk bands were influenced by reggae music & it’s recording techniques, and that experimental spark is the nucleus of the show.

      Boss Harmony - Punky Reggae Party (08.24.16)


Victor Rice – Agenda
The Coventry Automatics – (Dawning Of A) New Era
Basement 5 – Riot
The Stranglers – The Raven
Bauhaus – Dive
The Cravats – Terminus
The Flips – Schizo
The Slits – Instant Hit
Ringo – Trouble Never Set Like Rain
Wayne Smith – Life Is A Moment In Space
Johnny Clarke – African Roots
Edie Fitzroy – Jah Jah Style
Deb Players – Sons Of Dub
Section 25 – Be Brave
Urge – Nuclear Terrorist
Kleenex – Like Or Lump It
Siousie & The Banshees – Nicotien Stain
Naked Raygun – Potential Rapist
Gun Club – Devil In The Woods
Dicks – Maralyn Buck
X – Soul Kitchen
Bad Brains – You’re A Migraine
Madness – Noght Boat To Cairo
Azzie Lawrence – Pempelem
The Reggae Boys – Me No Born Ya
Carl Cannonball Bryan – Stagger Back
The Ethiopians – One
Lee Perry – Dyon Anaswa
Gladiators – Jah Jah Go Before Us
Big Joe – Mas Gan
Rupie Edwards – Promoters Grouse
The Clash – White Man In Hammersmith Palais
La Souris Delingues – Beaucoup De Libertes
Circle Jerks – Back Against The Wall
The Homosexuals – Ici Las Bas
Crass – Angels
Wire – Lowdown
Gang Of Four – At Home He’s A Tourist
Four Be Two – One Of The Lads
DEB Players – Created By The Father Dub