Anenon w/guest DJ Stephen – Non Projections (09.08.15)


Non Projections is a monthly free form radio show hosted by Non Projects founder Anenon. Expect improvised performances each month, different guests and unheard Non Projects music along with new and old favorites. This month is an offering of refined sounds that will send your ears soaring into the outer spheres where all is harmonious.

This months episode features special guest DJ Stephen.

      Anenon w/guest DJ Stephen - Non Projections (09.08.15)



Nick Malkin – Untitled
Philip Glass – Floe
Deathprod – Deer Stalker
Fennesz – Transit
John Roberts – Orah
Helen – Felt This Way
Anenon – Untitled
Anenon – Untitled
Lawrence English – Antarctica
Yagya – Sleepygirl 10
Dak and Bun – Mu 6
Paul Bley – Ida Lupino

DJ Stephen

zeynep kayan
various ways of no way
elysia crampton
cs + kreme
various ways of no way
kinetic electronix
elysia crampton
anom vitruv
bobo eyes & plush throw
unknown artist