Alex Pelly w/ One Child Policy and Jonathan Snipes – PELLYVISION (04.28.18)

PELLYVISION is a monthly collision of sound and vision. Alex Pelly creates live video to accompany sounds from an artist of her choosing. This month she visualized DJ sets from One Child Policy and Jonathan Snipes of clipping.

One Child Policy is an LA-based Chinese American producer, DJ and sound designer. Raised by two electronics engineers who were brought up in China during the Cultural Revolution, his fascination with electronic music was sparked when he was only 11. Mixmag named his debut release — Cultural Transmissions (2017 VRV) — “exemplary techno” and also named him one of “30 Artists You Need to Hear in 2018.” Look out for his live A/V DJ sets, which cover a wide spectrum of styles in electronic music.

Jonathan Snipes is a composer and sound designer for Film and Theater living in Los Angeles and a member of experimental rap group clipping. Active from 2009-present, with two albums released by Sub Pop, the group does not see their abrasive sound as a rejection of mainstream hip hop or reaction against it, but as part of a hip hop tradition including the likes of Dr. Dre and Public Enemy producers The Bomb Squad, who experimented with production and also used harsh, musique concrète-esque techniques in their music. Similarly, they think of themselves as a rap group rather than industrial-rap, noise-rap, or other mash-up genres. Snipes was also part of electropop duo Captain Ahab from 1998-2012.

      Alex Pelly w/ One Child Policy and Jonathan Snipes - PELLYVISION (04.28.18)