Ajay Ravi w/ guest Adam Halliwell – Endless Digital Window (07.04.17)


Welcome to Endless Digital Window, a radio program on dublab hosted by Ajay. All sounds that exist, presented endlessly, for two hours.

      Ajay Ravi w/ guest Adam Halliwell - Endless Digital Window (07.04.17)

Adam Halliwell is a guitarist/producer/composer from Melbourne, Australia. He is known for composing and directing the free jazz orchestra ‘The First Baboon Civilization‘ and playing with left-field disco group ‘Mildlife’. He’s a regular in the Melbourne improvised music ‘sonoverse’ and has toured Australia, Europe, Japan and released 3 albums with drummer Maria Moles, playing their cross-over free jazz music. Late 2016 he released a tape on Moontown Records entitled ‘The First Baboon Civilization‘. It’s a Journey from the red Australian soil to the cosmo dust with Ra in Space. This mix is a dedication to some of Australia’s most forward thinking musicians from the 70’s in the Avant-Jazz/Jazz/Jazz-Funk Cosmos.


Khan Jamal Creative Arts Ensemble – Breath of Life (1972)

Larry Young – Sunshine Fly Away (1973)

Johnny Dyani – The Robin Irland Struff (1980)

Buster Williams – Pinnacle (1975)

Joe Hader Trio – Tante Nelly (1973)

Richard Davis – Dear Old Stockholm (1972)

Raphael – Hommage a Kabylie (1972)

Larry Young – Saudia (1973)

Adam Halliwell

1. Untitled (part 1) – Graeme Davis (1978)

2. The Fair/Gobble – Brian Brown Quintet (1975)

3. The Rite Of Spring: Dance Of The Adolescents – Alan Lee Quartet & Friends (1973)

4. Untitled (part 2) – Graeme Davis (1978)

5. Buckles – Ted Vining Trio (1973)

6. This Early Broadminded’s Emptiness -Hiroshi & Claudia (1979)

7. Untitled (part 3) – Graeme Davis (1978)

8. Fire Dance – Brian Brown Quintet (1976)

9. Baiame – Rob Thomsett (1975)

10. Stargirl – John Sangster (1970)

11. What Did You Say? – David Tolley (1979)

12. Untitled (part 4) – Graeme Davis (1978)