Aaron Zaima – Zooooming on dublab (01.22.15)


For this special episode of “Celsius Drop,” Frosty welcomed longtime dublab supporter and music explorer Aaron Zaima onto the airwaves to share some tunes. This adventure in sound is not to be missed! Click play and let the waves roll over you.

      Aaron Zaima - Zooooming on dublab (01.22.15)


Hour 1 – New meditation mix featuring excerpts from:
Mirror to Mirror “Early Fun”
Michale Byron “Tidal”
Alice Coltrane “Vrindavana Sanchara”
The Nonesuch Guide to Electronic Music
Flying Lotus “The Protest”
Anenon “Voice One”
Raymond Scott “Little Miss Echo”
Nobukazu Takemura “The Voice of a Fish”
Anenon “Lithograph”
Raymond Scott “The Happy Whistler”
Anenon feat Laura Teasley “Embers”
Teebs “While you doooo”
Mono/Poly “Light Age”
HE3 Project “Rapture of the Deep”
Aardvark “Guess”
Carlos niño and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson “The Tides”
Languis “Vic Mono”
Dntel “Anywhere Anyone (Nobody remix)”
The Life Force Trio “Alice!”
Mono/Poly “Transit to the Golden Planet”
Suzanne Ciani “The Third Wave: Love in the Waves”
Wechsel Garland “Wie Insekten”
Varela “It’s the Moon”
A Keane Sub Audio recording: Serene Relaxation and Self Confidence
Richard Hittleman: Yoga Meditation

Hour 2:
What Do you Say to a Naked Lady OST “Pardon Me”
Pere Ubu “Blow Daddy-O”
The Space Lady “Synthesize Me”
Jackie O Motherfucker “Valley of Fire”
Jay B.Jay “Sea of Secrets”
Eberhard Schoener “Sky Music”
Michael Rother “Sussherz”
Greg Oblivian and the Tip Tops “Bad Man”
Compulsive Gamblers “I Don’t Want To Laugh At You”
Paul McMahon “Diamonds”
Rheingold “Rendezvous”
Daedelus “Rabbit Ears”
We Are the Levitts “Candy”
Taylor McFerrin “Degrees of Light”
Angel Corpus Christi “Cheree”
Laurie Anderson “x =x” (Artforum alt. version)
Pharaohs “Nature Lovers”
Sun City Girls “Vine Street Piano (Orchestra)”