45 Live Radio Show w/guest Supreme La Rock (05.18.18)

Team member Greg Belson, a highly respected, LA-based DJ on the rare soul/funk scene, hosts the monthly dublab show 45 Live. It’s about the love of music, the love of vinyl and having an excellent old time of it. Whatever you do, keep it 45.

Supreme is one of the hardest working DJ’s on the planet, puttin’ in the time to make you dance! This time, his guest slot is a homage mix that’s gonna knock out your senses…..These Are The Breaks according to Supreme….yeah, batten down the hatches and strap yaselves down. La Rock is on tha cut!

Your host Greg Belson will be selecting beats, pieces, rarities, forgotten funk, serious soul and anything else he can grab from his well stacked crates. It’s a celebration of the 7″ single like no other, so join us please!

We broadcast on Dublab.com from 8pm US PDT (4am UK time), perfect to tune in live for the pre-club sessions in California, and the back-to-mine party in the UK!

      45 Live Radio Show w/guest Supreme La Rock (05.18.18)


Set One by DJ Greg Belson

DJ Format & Andy Cooper – Get on that
Organized Konfusion – Prisoners of war
Roxanne Shante – Live on stage
Most Wanted – Calm down (Matt Love Edit)
Boca 45 – 45 Live
Run DMC – Beats to the rhyme
Planet Patrol – Cheap thrills
M.C. Chill – Downbeats (Beat them down)
Original Concept – Bite’n my stylee

Guest Mix in session featuring DJ SUPREME LA ROCK

Stevadors – Southside
Larry Norman – Righteous Rocker
B.W. Souls – Marvin’s Groove
Jorge Ben – Ponta De Lanca
James Lowe – Thick Air
Andrea Henry – Grass is Greener
Revolution – Siesta is Over
Los Reampagos – Bwana
Unknown – Superstition
Bourbon Family – Boogachi
Kool & Gang – Jungle Jazz
Sound Experience – Boogie Woogie
Jonesy – Ricochet
Cincinnati Conn. – Share What You Get
Saucy Lady – Sugar High
Prana People – Is Your Life a Party
Leon’s Creation – This Is The Beginning
Cherry Fog – Nervous Conclusion
Rudi Stuart – I Wanna Love You
Viva – Pancho Villa
3 Do Rio – Theme From Swat
Springfield Rifle – Keep On Loading
Honor Society – Sweet September
Kenny Burrell – Burning Spear
Endeavors – Who Shaft Where
Johnny Sedes – Scorpio
Volcano Kpache – Ooohh Weee
Mighty Magnificents – Souling
Erskin Mobley – Lucky Man
Christopher Michael – You Make Me Happy
Jimmy Dawkins – Put It On The Hawg
Moses Dillard – Got To Find A Way
Frankie Laine – P.Y.H.I.T.H
Laurence Thomas – Why Young Kids Stray
Jo Jo & Fugitives – Chicken Chips Banana
Bobby Oroza – This Love
Final Decisions – Pusher
Ganaba Ichi – Jugemu

Set Two by DJ Greg Belson

Kool and the Gang – Ike’s mood
Prime Cut – Message to the ghetto
Krystal Generation – Wanted dead or alive
Steve Mason – There’s a man upstairs
Evans Pyramid – No, I won’t
Metaversal Synthphonic Orchestra – Love all around me (Boogie side)
DJ Format & Andy Cooper – Get on that (Instrumental)