45 Live Radio Show w/guest DJ Ollie Teeba (09.07.18)

100% 45rpm 7″ singles, covering many and any genres of music. Hosted by Greg Belson and featuring guest mixes each and every show from members of the 45 Live international DJ team. Expect heavy soul, deep funk, breakbeats, gospel, leftfield, electronica, psyche, rock, acid, pop, and, well, anything you can think of, as long as it’s on a 45!

Traveling the streets to South London, we find our next guest ploughing the crates for an all soundtrack set;

DJ OLLIE TEEBA (The Herbaliser / SoundSci)

His set bounces across a plethora of countries from Japan to the United States and back again….it’s a tour de force of funk rhythms, audio soundscapes and themes taken from a stack of movies with varying focus points. One things for sure, it’s a monster alright!

Your host Greg Belson will be selecting beats, pieces, rarities, forgotten funk, serious soul and anything else he can grab from his well stacked crates. It’s a celebration of the 7″ single like no other, so join us please!

We broadcast on Dublab.com from 8pm US PDT (4am UK time), perfect to tune in live for the pre-club sessions in California, and the back-to-mine party in the UK!

      45 Live Radio Show w/guest DJ Ollie Teeba (09.07.18)


Set One by DJ Greg Belson

Radio Spot – The last American hero
Charmers – The Snake
Five Keys – Hey girl
Valerie & Bobby Capers – Wildcattin’
Billy Mack – Son of a lover
Joni Adams and the Fenderman 70 – Las Vegas
Gil Scott-Heron – Lady Day & John Coltrane
Christian Adams – Loneliness is always around
Nola and the Soul Rockers – Reach out and get it
Aaron McNeil – Reap what you sow
Benny Scott – Soul beat
Stylistics – Let the junkie bust the pusher

Guest Mix in session featuring DJ OLLIE TEEBA

Thunderfist radio spot promo 7”
Johnny Pate – Shaft in Africa
Solomon Burke – Fight Back
Bruno Canfora – Il Trucudo e Lo Sbirro
Rhythm Heritage – Theme from S.W.A.T.
Roy Budd – The Stone Killer
Bullet – The Contract Man
Luis Bacalov – Carrefour
Henry Mancini – The Thief Who Came to Dinner
Bill Conti – Reflections
Andre Previn – Executive Party
Wang Fu Ling & Joseph Koo – The Big Boss
Frog – Witch Hunt
Manfred Hubler & Siegfried Schwab – The Lions & the Cucumber
Dudley Moore – Bedazzled
Ennio Morricone – Svolta Definitiva
R. D. Burham – Dum Maro Dum
Ennio Morricone – Guerra e Pace Pollo e Brace
Badder Than Evil – Hot Wheels (The Chase)
Les Baxter – Wheels
Jerry Butler – You Can Fly
Johnny Pate – You Can’t Even Walk in the Park

Set Two by DJ Greg Belson

Eric Burdon and War – Magic mountain
Donny Hathaway – The Ghetto – part 1
Faze-O – Riding high
Kleeer – To groove you
Dynasty – I’ve just begun to love you
Crusaders – Stomp and buck dance
Curtis Mayfield – Future shock
Deodato – Super strut
Oliver Sain – Feel like dancin’
Jack Ashford & the New Sound of Detroit – Do the choo choo (Part 2)