45 Live Radio Show w/guest Baz Hickey (03.16.18)

Team member Greg Belson, a highly respected, LA-based DJ on the rare soul/funk scene, hosts the monthly dublab show 45 Live. It’s about the love of music, the love of vinyl and having an excellent old time of it. Whatever you do, keep it 45.

Your host Greg Belson will be selecting beats, pieces, rarities, forgotten funk, serious soul and anything else he can grab from his well stacked crates. It’s a celebration of the 7″ single like no other, so join us please!

We broadcast on Dublab.com from 8pm US PDT (4am UK time), perfect to tune in live for the pre-club sessions in California, and the back-to-mine party in the UK!

      45 Live Radio Show w/guest Baz Hickey (03.16.18)


Set One by DJ Greg Belson

MVP and the Boogaloo Baby – Untitled
Johnny Acey – My home
Artie (Bluesboy) White – Gimme some of yours
Kent Meade & the Remington Sunshine – The bad one
Dancers – Big Willie’s drum
Roy Hytower – It must be love
Joe Frazier – Knock on wood
Hi-Fly Orchestra – Getting’ down
Preston Epps Trio – Say yeah!
Little Oscar – Two foot drag
Unknown Artist – Egg roll

Guest Mix in session featuring DJ BAZ HICKEY

Thin Lizzy – Showdown
Hubert Laws – I Had A Dream
Snowman – Street Corner Music
Placebo – Balek
Peter Thomas & Mocambo Astronautic Sound Orchestra ‎– Space Patrol
Mirage – Just Cause I’m Guilty
Gizelle Smith – Sweet Memories
Francis Weyer – No Lady
Steve Miller – Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma
Brownout – C130
Jean Jacques Perrey – E.V.A.
Placebo – Humpty Dumpty
Scrimshire – Lalomie’s Strangeness
Noor Jehan – I Am Very Sorry
G.C. Cameron – Live For Love
The Kay-Gees & Something Sweet – I Believe In Music (DJ Spinna Edit)
The Pazant Brothers ‎– Chick A Boom (DJ Koco Edit)
Coke Escovedo – I Wouldn’t Change A Thing
Mulatu Astatqé – Yègellé Tezeta
Har-You Percussion Group – Welcome To The Party
Stagalee – Seven Year Itch
Gizelle Smith feat Eric Boss – S.T.A.Y.
The Turbans – Baba Ganooz
Jun Mayuzumi – Black Room

Set Two by DJ Greg Belson

Harlem Gospel Travelers – He’s on time
Harvey Scales & the 7 Sounds – Get down
Panic Button – Hitch it to the mule
Interpretations – Snap-out
Bobby Blackmon & the Soul Express – She’s gotta have soul
Shirley Finney – Every day people
Pete Klint Quartet – Shake
Mighty Hannibal – Fishin’ pole
Gene Waiters – Shake and shing-a-ling pt. 1
Pharoahs – Freedom road
Charles Pryor and Power of Love – I just want to (change my mind)