45 Live Radio Show w/guest Aeon Seven (06.15.18)

Team member Greg Belson, a highly respected, LA-based DJ on the rare soul/funk scene, hosts the monthly dublab show 45 Live. It’s about the love of music, the love of vinyl and having an excellent old time of it. Whatever you do, keep it 45.

He’s a one man cut and paste machine, as well as a dynamite producer of beats of a heavier persuasion. Check out his dancefloor slammer ‘Seven breaks’, that debuted on the 45 Live record label last year. Best believe he’ll come correct once again on the wheels of tin….check it!

Your host Greg Belson will be selecting beats, pieces, rarities, forgotten funk, serious soul and anything else he can grab from his well stacked crates. It’s a celebration of the 7″ single like no other, so join us please!

We broadcast on Dublab.com from 8pm US PDT (4am UK time), perfect to tune in live for the pre-club sessions in California, and the back-to-mine party.

      45 Live Radio Show w/guest Aeon Seven (06.15.18)


Set One by DJ Greg Belson

Music For Monsters – Banshee love call
Col. Frank Borman – Description of the moon
Andres Loo – Parast vuhma sajas paikest
Eigenheimer – Glimworm
DJ Squarewave – Rotary timing
B-Jam vs Enos – The time has come
Occult – Phoenix lights
Radius – Get into something
Radius – Becoming
Pascal – Nero Di Seppia
Culross Close – Slow your stroll

Guest Mix in session featuring DJ AEON SEVEN

Company – La culebra
Durand Jones & the Indications – Make a chance
Smith & the Honey Badgers – King Cobra
Leroi Conroy – Tiger trot
El Michels Affair – Shadow boxin’
Saun & Starr – Look closer
Leroi Conroy – La gran messa
Durand Jones & the Indications – Tuck ’n’ roll
Les Chacals – La voie d’anubis
Lee Fields – I’m coming home
Stance Brothers – She may be moody
Rickey Calloway – Tell me
Lee Fields – You’re the kind of girl
Kind & Kinky Zoo – v.l.a.m. (lack of afro remix)
Durand Jones & the Indications – Smile
Ernie Jones & the Soul Investigators – The scorpio walk
Mestizo Beat – Featherbed lane
Will Sessions – Diesel Pt.2
Myron & E – On broadway
Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators – Feeling free
Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio – Concussion
Calbro 35 – Superstudio
Mat Le Rouge – Soul raide

Set Two by DJ Greg Belson

Chuck-A-Luck and the Lovemen Ltd – Whip ya
Maurice – What I got, I got (and ain’t gonna lose)
Brinkley & parker – Don’t get fooled by the Pander Man
Cold Blood – You got me hummin’
Little Joe Cook and the Thrillers – Funky hump
Jackie Moore – Singing funky music turns me on
New Censation – Come down to earth
Mr D. & the Highlights – Nose full of white
Purple Image – Why
Bird Rollins – No heat no hot water
Sons of the & Sisters – You’re so fine