$3.33 – Section Cut (11.02.17)


A monthly section cut with shifting orientations. A monthly cursor, a two hour duration distinguishing a before and an after. An ensemble of momentums, a collection of moods, an observant spectator, an oblivious presence, a gathering of accelerating and decelerating gaits.

$3.33 is the price of the best of luck with your own life and death. $3.33 is the most recent update for a long time ago and I love you so much fun to watch. $3.33 has been a good time waster but the fact that the government has said that it will take a nap in my room for improvement is not an issue. $3.33 is not an easy way out of a sudden urge to watch the game. It is $3.33 a gallon of the best thing ever when you have no idea what to say. $3.33 more than one million dollars in my head is pounding and the rest is history.

      $3.33 - Section Cut (11.02.17)


Vangelis Katsoulis – The Slipping Beauty – The Slipping Beauty

Akiko Yano – Home Sweet Home – 峠のわが家

Tatsuro Yamashita – Rainy Walk – Moonglow

Yukako Hayase – 永遠のサバンナ – 薔薇のしっぽ

Haroumi Hosono – Sea of Tau – Mercuric Dance

土取利行 & 坂本龍一 – 01.綾 (Aya) – Disappointment-Hateruma

Panda Bear – Tomboy – Tomboy 7″

Yukako Hayase – IL(ベッドの中では) – 薔薇のしっぽ

Seigén Ono – Model 93 – Seigén

Yoshiaki Ochi – Dawning – Natural Sonic

Seigén Ono – Mallets – Seigén

Yoshiaki Ochi – Anywhere – Natural Sonic

Toshifumi Inata – In The Light – Reality In Love

Roberto Mazza – Visioni Del Sentierro Azzurro – Scorprire le Orme

Masakyuki Sakamoto – The Great East – Psyche

Love, Peace, & Trance – Kokoro Da – Love, Peace, & Trance

Byron Westbrook – Ritual Geometry – Body Consonance

Moonriders – 気球と通信 – Mani Maniera

Pep Llopis – Muntanyes De Granit – Poiemusia La Nau Dels Argonautes

Yoshiaki Oshi – Urban Kogili – Natural Sonic

土取利行 & 坂本龍一 – 01.綾 (Aya) – Disappointment-Hateruma