$3.33 – Section Cut (08.04.16)

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 9.54.52 AM

A monthly section cut with shifting orientations. A monthly cursor, a two hour duration distinguishing a before and an after. An ensemble of momentums, a collection of moods, an observant spectator, an oblivious presence, a gathering of accelerating and decelerating gaits.

$3.33 is the price of the best of luck with your own life and death. $3.33 is the most recent update for a long time ago and I love you so much fun to watch. $3.33 has been a good time waster but the fact that the government has said that it will take a nap in my room for improvement is not an issue. $3.33 is not an easy way out of a sudden urge to watch the game. It is $3.33 a gallon of the best thing ever when you have no idea what to say. $3.33 more than one million dollars in my head is pounding and the rest is history.

      $3.33 - Section Cut (08.04.16)


Muslimgauze – Al Jar Zia Audio
Lotide – High Grass, Looking Glass
You Know I Go
Arca – Maiden Voyage
Mdou Moctar – Tahoultine
Ahhnu – Monica/Swept
mmppwww – himiko
Michael Jukeson – Bound, Torn
Nkisi – STOMP
o. Xander – Lover’s Theme
LSD – Cold Wintour ft. Cakes Da Killa
Jeremihn – Let Me Down Easy
Chris Travis – K.O.T.O.
Rich Homie Quan – Beside Yourself
LSD – Rapture (Interlude)
Bandi2 ft. Mozart la Para – Si Juegas Conmigo
Nkisi – Collective Self Defense
Kid Sister – Pro Nails
Actress – Hubble
Laws and Habits – Lucy
$3.33 – Lovedog
Kate Bush – The Morning Fog
Tortoise – Monica
Jai Paul
Love Inc – Income
Jan Jelinek – They, Them