$3.33 – Section Cut (07.06.17)


A monthly section cut with shifting orientations. A monthly cursor, a two hour duration distinguishing a before and an after. An ensemble of momentums, a collection of moods, an observant spectator, an oblivious presence, a gathering of accelerating and decelerating gaits.

$3.33 is the price of the best of luck with your own life and death. $3.33 is the most recent update for a long time ago and I love you so much fun to watch. $3.33 has been a good time waster but the fact that the government has said that it will take a nap in my room for improvement is not an issue. $3.33 is not an easy way out of a sudden urge to watch the game. It is $3.33 a gallon of the best thing ever when you have no idea what to say. $3.33 more than one million dollars in my head is pounding and the rest is history.

      $3.33 - Section Cut (07.06.17)


Alice and John Coltrane – Lord, Hlep Me To Be – Cosmic Music
Keith Ulrich and Charles Anderson – Desire (2) – From The Pole To The Equator
Marc Barreca – Shopping – Music Works For Industry
Alex Tyson – AQUACRUSH
Chris Corsano – How Should You Pick Up The Ball And Throw It – The Young Cricketer
Genital Panic – Whos In The Skies?
Alhaji K. Frimpong – Owuo Kyiri Obiaa – Rikia
The Cherry Blossoms – The Deepest Woods
Lino Capra Vaccina – Antico Adagio
Veronique Vincent and Aksak Maboul – The Aboriginal Variations – Ex-Futur Album
Marc Barreca – Community – Music Works For Industry
Akiko Yano – Kanashikute yarikirenai – Ai Ga Nakucha Ne
Ernst Reijseger
Yoshio Ojima – Esplanade Live
Harry Partch
Woo – Satya – When The Past Arrives
Haruomi Hosono & Tadanori Yokoo – Malabar Hotel… Roof Garden… Revel Attack – Cochin Moon
Gary War – Good Clues
Ephrem Tamru
Musica esporadica – I Forgot The Shirts – Musica esporadica
The Fates – Strength (I)
David Behrman – Leapday Night, Scene 2
Pep Llopis – Nits De Cristall